Elianny strawberries

Elianny strawberries are the latest sensation on the strawberry market. Elianny strawberries not only taste delicious - they're also very healthy. The strawberries are nice and big and they can be kept for up to twice as long as other strawberries.

Elianny, scrumptious strawberries

Elianny strawberries have a wonderful sweet flavour with a refreshing touch of tartness, making them ideal for use in all kinds of dishes. The strawberries are a treat for your tastebuds, but also for your eyes, thanks to their substantial size and glossy red colour. The flavour, shape and colour together make for the ultimate experience called Elianny. To summarise: Elianny strawberries, scrumptious strawberries!

Scrumptious... and excellent keeping quality!

Elianny strawberries can be kept for much longer than other traditional varieties. Then again... you'd need a lot of willpower to resist their temptation for such a long time!

Elianny supports Kika

The proceeds of the special auction of the first crop, which amounted to € 1184, were donated to Kika, a charity for children suffering from cancer.

An environmentally-friendly option

Elianny strawberries are an environmentally-friendly option. Elianny is a strong, healthy variety with excellent resistance to various diseases. That means that much smaller quantities of chemical control products are needed to grow them.

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