About Elianny

Elianny strawberries have a delicious sweet flavour with a refreshing touch of tartness. The strawberries are nice and big, glossy red and have excellent keeping quality. Experience has shown that people find it very hard to resist the temptation of a bowl of Elianny.

The Elianny variety

The Elianny variety was developed by Albert Konings/Gebr.Vissers in 1998. In the years that have passed since then it has been constantly tested and improved. The outcome is a wonderful strawberry with many great advantages. Elianny strawberry plants are sold by Vissers Aardbeiplanten BV.

How Elianny is grown

Elianny has a long cultivation season: from March until November. So the strawberries can be eaten fresh almost all the year round.

Being a very strong, healthy variety it can be grown with smaller quantities of chemical control products, implying a less harmful impact on the environment. Elianny plants moreover produce almost exclusively strawberries of class 1, which means a great advantage in terms of time in picking and grading.

For growers: for more information on the Elianny variety go to Vissers.com.

Elianny supports Kika

The proceeds of the special auction of the first crop, which amounted to € 1184, were donated to Kika, a charity for children suffering from cancer.

An environmentally-friendly option

Elianny strawberries are an environmentally-friendly option. Elianny is a strong, healthy variety with excellent resistance to various diseases. That means that much smaller quantities of chemical control products are needed to grow them.

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